Client Services

Hermes programs create meaningful brand experiences that ultimately build community presence and brand equity. Simply put, grassroots marketing initiatives give your company a unique opportunity to directly interact with your consumer audience. We give you the opportunity to inject unique promotional elements into our events to assist you in building upon your relationships within the community.

Synergy with the Hermes brand communicates a connection to healthy lifestylesforward thinking, and charitable causes. Additionally, Hermes has cultivated strong relationships throughout the state and its communities, along with the media, resulting in strong participation in, and coverage of, our events.

At Hermes, we take the time to understand your goals and know what’s necessary to accomplish them. We are a company that emphasizes teamwork- a partner who is a valuable and dependable resource to our clients. We refer to our turn-key services as the “Home Team Advantage.” By having Hermes as an extension of your organization, we become the additional marketing staff you need to accomplish your goals. Our event and sponsorship partners know they can trust Hermes to add the winning element to their business for a rich return on their investment.

If you’re looking for an added-value promotion to complement your sales efforts, chances are Hermes will have an event that fits perfectly. A sampling of our services include:

Basic Services

  • Program development
  • Logistics
  • Publicity
  • Execution
  • Promotion
  • Management
  • Race Timing

Specialized Database Management
Database services outside the area of competitive events include for various contractors:

  • Design of database
  • Data entry
  • Database communication back to contractor
  • Bookkeeping/accounting tracking, summary reporting
  • Mailing list preparation
  • Demographic reporting

Event Contractor Services

  • Design of hard copy application
  • Coordinated design of on-line application
  • Direct receipt of hard copy applications
  • Downloads of on-line registration
  • Bookkeeping of registration receipts
  • Database design, data entry
  • Pre-race rosters, tallies, summaries
  • Packet pickup oversight, late registration data entry
  • Technical direction/coordination of timing locations
  • Training of Event Day volunteers
  • Event Day results and awards
  • Event Day media fulfillment
  • Post race final results
  • Web results integration
  • Event demographics
  • Data archive
  • T Shirts design and printing
  • Awards design and production

Event Equipment Rental

  • Traffic Cones
  • Fencing
  • Barricades
  • Digital Clocks
  • Sound Systems
  • Tents
  • Generators

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