Cleveland St. Patrick’s Day Run powered by Coors Light. As cold as the Rockies! COMMITED TO A BRIGHTER TOMORROW

We know Coors Light tastes great and is COLD LAGERED below freezing for a lighter, crisper taste and COLD FILTERED for a bright appearance. 

Here’s what you may not know. Molson Coors promise to the Environment.

Earth needs our help. Single-use plastic is polluting the environment. Water resources are limited, and global temperatures are rising faster than ever.

We’re chill about a lot of things, but this is not one of them.

That’s why we are committing to making beer more sustainable, to help earth keep its chill.

There’s no quick fix; we are on a journey that focuses on three key areas—packaging, water and climate—to help get us closer to a more chill tomorrow.

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